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About Me: A Guide To The Mind Behind The AJM Culture Blog

February 10, 2011

I am going to admit, I like to feel smart and I like to feel smug. I follow many blogs whose creators feel as if they know “everything” when really, many of them are just regular joes’ like me and you on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And as I hear these bloggers and curators of information communicate their written word, I’ve thought to myself, ‘I too have thoughts to share’ and I myself have wondered, ‘why can’t I do the same?’

Well this is the place for it: the AJMCultureBlog. A gallery of different posts ranging from film, to fashion, to science, and don’t forget, Culture. I myself have not traveled the world (not without the ball and chain of a chaperon) and I don’t claim to be as high minded an individual as say, Ira Glass; nor perched high enough upon the Ivory Tower to pass judgment, but I do claim to be a 22 year-old college student living in the plush squalor of Los Angeles and clamoring to visit Asia to explore the home I’ve always been apart from.

This blog, for better or worse is a salad (yes, a salad) mixing in new and unknown ingredients and flavors in hopes of forming a brand new identity while still maintaining the basic characteristics and prestige of a blog. I hope you enjoy and I hope you find something here to connect with as I have.  That’s all for now.

– AJ


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