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What Happened To The News: The Growing Concern For The Current and Future State Of News Media

March 11, 2011

The Huffington Post recently posted an article (more like an Op-ed), from writer Judith Acosta assessing the fall of the Fourth Estate from it’s traditional M.O of a culture of news casters and producers who are more concerned with talking about themselves than reporting on the “important” news of the day.

The other day I was watching what I thought was a news program with my husband and in the middle of a report on immigration, the reporters began bantering about between themselves, their thoughts, disclosing intimate details about their own lives. My husband and I looked at each other, made faces at the TV and turned it off. Both of us were disgusted. Where did these reporters get the idea that they were important to any of us? Who told them that their personal stories were more vital to us than knowing what was happening in politics, in the economy, in the environment? What gave them the psychological, not to mention editorial go-ahead to step into their own shows as stars and stop being reporters?

Tragically, but for a small and hopefully growing segment of online news addicts, this pursuit of the news has given way to the pursuit of princes and actors by paparazzi. We hear more about Britney Spears or Lady Gaga in any given day than we do about what’s really happening in Iraq, under the tables in corporate America, or the horrific poisoning of our farmlands. Most people have no idea that there’s a trade deficit in this country.

Owing the stagnation of News Media (as it was traditionally iterated) to our growing culture of Narcissism, Ms. Acosta brushes over a sobering picture of the dire and under-reported issues facing America at this very moment. As 22 year old strapped to his computer, these issues make me stop in my tracks and realize that there’s more going on in this world than the latest Anime or Twitter feed coming from Charlie Sheen. I mean heck, didn’t Japan just go through its largest recorded earthquake in recorded history yesterday. America’s youth is long overdue for an outlook change, or just change in general. Don’t you think?


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